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Jordan Kreiner
President and Founder of Senior Strategies, Inc., and Kreiner Financial Group,

Jordan Kreiner is the author/producer of the “Estate Inventory Booklet” which is customized for and sold to financial advisors, CPAs and attorneys throughout the United States. This 41-page booklet was designed to organize and record in one place a variety of valuable financial and personal data.

He is a seminar lecturer/speaker known within the financial services industry and has been providing a variety of financial services for the residents of Pennsylvania for 30+ years. Jordan works exclusively with retirees and pre-retirees in the areas of retirement savings and estate preservation.

He is an investment advisor representative with Kreiner Financial Wealth Management, Inc..

His primary focus is to help protect, and ultimately preserve both his clients’ wealth and their estates. He utilizes the latest estate planning, investment techniques, investments/savings vehicles and insurance to design and implement personalized plans that will help reduce financial risk, lower taxes, avoid probate and protect assets from expensive nursing home costs.

Jordan enjoys working with retirees and pre-retirees who want to protect their principal and have their money last longer. Jordan provides his clients with financial plans and reports that are useful, straight forward and easy to follow. Customized social security maximization reports are helpful in choosing when to sign up for your social security benefit, which is usually an important part of a retirees’ income, and what Jordan refers to as, “Another piece of someone’s retirement puzzle”.

“My focus for retirees is to help preserve what they have and to help protect them from market fluctuations.”

“Simple, straight forward financial advice is what retirees want, need and deserve!”

“Providing you with a fiduciary level of service means we are legally bound to always do the right thing for you and your family by only offering solutions that serve your best interest.”

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Exclusive rights to this material belongs to GPS. Unauthorized use of the material is prohibited.

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